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Audio-Trainers AT-3000 - The audio fitness hearing training program

hörFit is a widely established auditory training method, especially in the German-speaking world, which makes use of current findings in brain research and can promote basic speech processing functions such as directional hearing, pitch discrimination or sound recognition. Training is primarily carried out - after conducting an appropriate analysis of listening comprehension and the skills underlying it - by means of the AT-3000 audio trainer. This is an easy-to-use training system that can be used independently on a daily basis at home and with which you can improve the respective listening age for important sub-areas of listening comprehension.
Audiofitness hearing training has been offered and used for adults since 2000. Many acousticians in Germany use hörFit not only to help their clients with good hearing system fitting, but also to support them on their way to better hearing in everyday life and thus more quality of life and participation.

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Audiofitness APP

Hearing training is now also possible from your smartphone. With the Hörfitness training app, you can easily improve your central hearing functions and keep fitter in the long term - in direct comparison with other people in your region and of your age.
With the hörFit module, the hearing fitness app offers long-term support for hearing aid users - and makes it clear that constant - moderate - brain performance training can impressively enhance the benefits of hearing aids. Hörfitness leads out of the feeling of being "old" or even "sick" with hearing aids and supports acousticians and end users in getting the maximum benefit from a hearing aid fitting together.
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