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[ 9088-Set ] Audio-Trainer AT-3000 Multilingual, DE, PL, GB, FR
388.70 € 388.70 € 388.7 EUR
Audio fitness trainer that allows to train up to eight key brain functions such as auditory processing speed, spatial hearing, pitch discrimination and more. Additionally, background noise (white noise or murmuring) can be added for even more intense training.
The AT-3000 comes in a cloth jewel case and includes the English manual and a pair of headphones MT-HS-16.
[ 2060 ] Audio-Trainer 3000 - Poster, Format A1
19.50 € 19.50 € 19.5 EUR
AT-3000 product poster
[ 11003 ] AT-3000 maintenance agreement "All-round carefree"
197.34 € 197.34 € 197.34 EUR
Maintenance and service contract. The comprehensive support includes an annual total check of your system (after sending it to MediTECH) including all accessories (without rental equipment). The maintenance agreement is valid for 12 months and will be extended for another 12 months if not cancelled until six weeks before expiration.
[ S007 ] Audio-Trainer AT-3000 Customer Flyer (German)
1.53 € 1.53 € 1.53 EUR
Brief information about the Audio - Trainer 3000 (end customer information) - will be gladly provided free of charge in small quantities. For larger quantity requirements, please contact us.