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[ 10098-Basis ] AUDECOM set with 10" tablet - basic set
7,657.65 € 7,657.65 € 7657.650000000001 EUR
AUDECOM - The intelligent hearing comparison: Equipped with an elegantly mounted 5-speaker surround system, the AUDECOM enables you to make a direct LIVE comparison between three pairs of hearing aids with high-quality and meaningful audio examples. Your client can switch back and forth between the hearing impressions of the three hearing systems transmitted to the headphones in a fraction of a second and see for himself the quality of higher-quality hearing systems. The system can currently be used in the following languages: German, English, French, Dutch
[ 10099-BASIS ] AUDECOM set without tablet, basic set
7,137.12 € 7,137.12 € 7137.12 EUR
AUDECOM enables you to hear and understand the differences in performance and features of different hearing systems in just a few minutes. This is what the AUDECOM system offers you:
- Software that clearly and convincingly communicates the respective product benefits for your customers.
- Examples from the customer's everyday hearing experience.
- Switch between hearing situations with up to three hearing systems at the touch of a button.
- Three separately adjustable headphone connections
- Realistic hearing impression - the customer hears a comparison of how they will hear with their new hearing system in certain situations.
- Switchable videos on the use and benefits of the hearing system.
- Separate expert and client view:
- The client view provides information about the hearing system - in client-friendly language.
- The expert view provides the hearing care professional with additional information on technical features, for example, and shows expert tips from the manufacturer on handling and advising hearing systems at the touch of a button.

The scope of delivery:
- AUDECOM base unit with Plexiglas head shade and Plexiglas base including 5 mounted loudspeakers
- Foam bar for optional placement of RIC hearing systems
- Silicone connection tubes for connecting BTE hearing systems (straight)
- Silicone connection tubes for the use of RIC hearing systems (curved)
- Two closed headphone systems (OPTIONALLY you can add a third headphone)
- Power supply unit
- Instructions for use
- Special transport packaging
- USB connection cable for connecting a Windows computer or tablet
[ 9144 ] Flightcase for Audecom
2,305.03 € 2,305.03 € 2305.03 EUR
Professional flightcase for AUDECOM hearing aid comparator
Fits one unit with accessories
[ 9174 ] Audecom Rechargeable Battery Solution
388.70 € 388.70 € 388.7 EUR
Special battery solution for the Audecom with battery and power supply. Provides maximum safety, automat. Overvoltage protection, input current monitoring, capacity limit, temperature monitoring with programmable shutdown.

Built-in dual power AC/DC adapter 230 V and 12 V
Internal independent lithium battery balancer
Individually balanced battery discharge
Usable for different Lithium battery types
Fast memory mode for different battery types
Maximum safety
Automatic. Overvoltage protection
Input current monitoring
Capacity limit
Temperature monitoring with programmable shutdown
Process time limit
Charge capacity display
Supports Lithium, NiMh, NiCD and lead acid batteries
[ 7932 ] AUDECOM silicone hose set (package consisting of 6 pcs.)
12.73 € 12.73 € 12.73 EUR
for plugging on the hearing instruments/ hearing aid
[ 7936-GB ] Gebrauchsanweisung - Bedienungshinweise AUDECOM (englisch)
11.58 € 11.58 € 11.58 EUR
Manual for the AUDECOM System
[ 7936-DE ] Gebrauchsanweisung - Bedienungshinweise AUDECOM (deutsch)
0.00 € 0.0 EUR
Kostenfrei, wenn mit Neukauf des dazugehörigen Produkts zu liefern. Ansonsten: 11,90 hinterlegen für 10 Euro tatsächlichen Rechnungsbetrag
[ AUDECOM Service ] AUDECOM service contract
464.10 € 464.10 € 464.1 EUR
Within the scope of this service agreement, the contractual partner shall receive the current program versions as an update
program versions as an update; exceptions to this are upgrades from the manufacturer for which a charge is made (additional new
software modules).
Telephone support for questions and assistance with installation are also included in the scope of services.
Updates include all current updates, enhancements and supplements to the software and the
hearing system manufacturer packages requested by VP, as well as any program errors that become known and are
program errors. The update for playability under WINDOWS 10 is also part of the services. They are
provided by MT for VP for download on the MediTECH homepage.
[ 7939 ] AUDECOM-PC-Software, Backend
1,559.99 € 1,559.99 € 1559.99 EUR
You need a laptop or PC with the possibility of separate
control of a second monitor
[ S175 ] AUDECOM Brochure
1.39 € 1.39 € 1.3900000000000001 EUR
Product flyer for the AUDECOM Hearing Comparison System - please request this and other flyers free of charge with your order.
[ S198-AUDECOM_DE ] AUDECOM customer flyer (german)
1.39 € 1.39 € 1.3900000000000001 EUR
End customer information about the AUDECOM hearing comparison system - please call us for 1 to 100 copies free of charge.