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This is us...


In 1996, Ralph Warnke founded MediTECH to market the solutions created with his father Fred Warnke for the promotion of learning in children under the brand name Warnke®-Verfahren and to ensure optimal advice and support for users.

Constantly taking place new and further developments are planned and implemented in close cooperation with a group of selected cooperation partners from the circles of interdisciplinary partners (doctors, therapists, clinics, pedagogues), in order to make them available to a wide range of users once they are ready for the market. In this way, MediTECH's program is constantly being expanded and optimized.

This is Hörfitness®...

Hearing comprehension in everyday life is crucial for unimpaired participation in life - both professionally and privately. The hearing fitness program offers you solutions for this, with which you can ensure more fitness, better hearing comprehension and thus a better quality of life for yourself.