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[ 9186-SET ] AUDIO4LAB-Tinnicur-Professional Set
2,980.23 € 2,980.23 € 2980.23 EUR
AUDIO4LAB Tinnicur system PROFI solution: Includes AUDIO4LAB system incl. MPG power supply [9111] with activation of the Tinnicur module, 2x MT-70 headphones, USB stick incl. USB connection cable for audio material, MP3 music files specially activated for Tinnicur treatment on SD card of the AUDIO4LAB, *** Instructions for use ***
[ 9189 ] AUDIO4LAB License for Tinnicur Professional
2,595.20 € 2,595.20 € 2595.2000000000003 EUR
License for Tinnicur professional module within the AUDIO4LAB system including MP3-Stick and USB-connector cable.
*** Recommended: Additional headphones model MT-70 ***
*** Manual ***
[ 9187-SET ] AUDIO4LAB Tinnicur Client Set
1,490.20 € 1,490.20 € 1490.2 EUR
The AUDIO4LAB Tinnicur client set consists of the 10900 AUDIO4LAB- with Tinnicur home activation, Tinnicur instructions for home device, power supply 12 Volt - 1,5 A according to MPG with EU plug, stereo headphones MT-70, universal case small without connection socket.
3,879.29 € 3,879.29 € 3879.29 EUR
Complete solution for ambulatory use. Includes T-4000 with power supply and instructions, transmission cable, 1x T-600 device, CD player, headphone distribution, CD selection, special case (aluminium)
[ 8202 ] TINNICUR-600, Trainingsgerät zu Ohrgeräuschen
999.08 € 999.08 € 999.08 EUR
Tinnitus-Behandlung mit System
- Individuelles Training für jeden Klienten
- Training ganz bequem von zu Hause aus
-Nebenwirkungsfreie Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe
- Ohrgeräusche Schritt für Schritt bewältigen lernen
[ Miete-Tinnicur ] Tinnicur-Home AUDIO4LAB training device rental (monthly)
99.01 € 99.01 € 99.01 EUR
Rental fee Tinnicur rental system "AUDIO4LAB Home" for use with AUDIO4LAB Tinnicur system.
Includes AUDIO4LAB HOME device with power supply and instructions, MT-70 headphones, integrated MP3 player plus exercise material, small carrying case.