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[ 2067 ] hörFit-Poster-Intelli.Hörtraining blauer Hinter A1
0.00 € 0.0 EUR
German hear-Fit poster "Your intelligent hearing training" with blue background in size A1 (59,4 x 84,1 cm)
[ 2066 ] hörFit-Poster - DIN A0, "Intelligentes Hörtraining für Sie"
0.00 € 0.0 EUR
German hear-Fit poster "Intelligent hearing training for you" in size A1 (84,1 x 118,9 cm)
[ 2065 ] hörFit-Poster "Intelligentes Hörtraining für Sie" - DIN A1
0.00 € 0.0 EUR
German hear-Fit poster "Intelligent hearing training for you" in size A1 (59,4 x 84,1 cm)
[ 9090 ] hörFit-Etui zu AT-3000
35.00 € 35.00 € 35.0 EUR
Practical case for safe storage of the audio trainer AT - 3000
[ S108 ] hörFit Intelligentes Hörtraining-Flyer
0.00 € 0.0 EUR
German information flyer regarding intelligent hearing training - up to 10 copies free of charge.
[ WV-ZA-mL ] Zentralaudiometer Wartungsvereinbarung
252.02 € 252.02 € 252.02 EUR
Wartungs- und Servicevertrag inkl. Vorableihgerät im Schadensfall. Die umfassende Betreuung beinhaltet einen jährlichen Gesamt-Check Ihres Systems (nach Einsendung an MediTECH) einschließlich allen Zubehörs, auf Wunsch mit kostenfreiem Leihsystem während der Wartungszeit. Die Wartungsvereinbarung unterliegt einer jährlichen Progression von maximal +5%; sie gilt für 12 Monate und verlängert sich jeweils um weitere 12 Monate, wenn sie nicht bis sechs Wochen vor Ablauf gekündigt wird.
[ L1153 ] Wenn die Ohren müde werden: Selbstsicher und aktiv leben mit Hörschwäche - Gerhard M. Wissler
15.95 € 15.95 € 15.950000000000001 EUR
Convert hearing loss into positive life energy

Hearing loss makes you insecure. This book encourages those affected to see the alleged weakness as an opportunity for personal change, to implement it successfully and not to lose their sense of humor. It also shows how intuition can be sharpened when the hearing ability deteriorates, how all other senses can be perceived all the more consciously and how it can literally be lived more meaningfully.

Gerhard M. Wissler knows hearing loss from his own experience. His insightful and practical advice and coping strategies can be implemented immediately and are a benefit for everyone who wants to discover himself and his hearing in a new way. With many examples and tips for typical everyday situations, small self-tests, helpful information about the use of hearing aids as well as expert opinions from the fields of medicine and hearing aid acoustics.
[ WV-A4L-komplett ] Wartungsvertrag AUDIO4LAB Premium
380.42 € 380.42 € 380.42 EUR
Maintenance and service contract incl. pre-purchase device in the event of damage. The comprehensive support includes an annual overall check of your system (after sending it to MediTECH) including all accessories, if desired with a free rental system during the maintenance period. The maintenance agreement is subject to an annual progression of a maximum of +5%; it is valid for 12 months and is extended by a further 12 months if it is not cancelled six weeks before expiry.
[ UPGR_BASS2 ] Upgrade BASS 1 to BASS 2.0 - Analysis of central hearing functions via software solution
1,190.09 € 1,190.09 € 1190.09 EUR
UPGRADE from BASS 1 to BASS2 (requires valid BASS1.0 license): Detailed analysis software for central hearing functions: Currently captures: (1) time processing (2) directional hearing (3) frequency discrimination (4) hemisphere coordination (5) choice response time (6) pattern recognition (7) tone length discrimination. The software offers a fast and convincing test of central hearing functions and provides a differentiated written evaluation in report form with graphic support for all surveyed functions at the push of a button. A quick test as a screening is also possible in a few minutes. USB control unit included. Includes a full license of MediTOOLS for differentiated evaluation and reporting options. *** Additionally recommended: Headphones MT-70 or comparable closed headphone system ***
[ Miete-Tinnicur ] Tinnicur-Home AUDIO4LAB training device rental (monthly)
99.01 € 99.01 € 99.01 EUR
Rental fee Tinnicur rental system "AUDIO4LAB Home" for use with AUDIO4LAB Tinnicur system.
Includes AUDIO4LAB HOME device with power supply and instructions, MT-70 headphones, integrated MP3 player plus exercise material, small carrying case.
[ S113-GB ] Tagebuch: Hörtraining (English)
1.00 € 1.00 € 1.0 EUR
Hearing exercise
[ 9969 ] Tablet 10" with installed BASS 1.0 screening software and headphones
1,588.15 € 1,588.15 € 1588.15 EUR
Tablet with fully installed and ready-to-use BASS-Software BASIC version. The software allows you to test up to 3 central auditory processing skills in quick succession.The software includes a fully automated, graphically enhanced reporting feature - just one click away...
[ 8202 ] TINNICUR-600, Trainingsgerät zu Ohrgeräuschen
999.08 € 999.08 € 999.08 EUR
Tinnitus-Behandlung mit System
- Individuelles Training für jeden Klienten
- Training ganz bequem von zu Hause aus
-Nebenwirkungsfreie Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe
- Ohrgeräusche Schritt für Schritt bewältigen lernen
3,879.29 € 3,879.29 € 3879.29 EUR
Complete solution for ambulatory use. Includes T-4000 with power supply and instructions, transmission cable, 1x T-600 device, CD player, headphone distribution, CD selection, special case (aluminium)
[ 9019 ] Special case for AUDIO4LAB with integrated power socket
199.02 € 199.02 € 199.02 EUR
Special case for integration of AUDIO4LAB with accessories. Dimensions: 500x400x150mm.
Equipped with integrated cold appliance socket and attached multiple socket
[ 9114 ] Power supply plug Adapter AUS plug for 9111
7.50 € 7.50 € 7.5 EUR
Power supply plug according to MPG with OFF plug for power supply 9111-Friwo
[ 9112 ] Power supply adapter UK plug for 9111
7.50 € 7.50 € 7.5 EUR
Power supply adapter UK plug for 9111
[ 9111 ] Power supply 12 Volt - 1,5 A according to MPG with EU plug
49.90 € 49.90 € 49.9 EUR
Especially for MediTECH products like Audio4Lab, AUDECOM, BUP or LT.
Attention when selling only complete with corresponding adapter (EU, GB, USA-Japan)!
The following adapters are available for the Fox 18 power supply currently in use: 9971=GB, 9972=USA, 9973=EN. By default the german adapter is on the power supply.