No matter if you are doing sports, other hobbies or your job:

Good hearing is the foundation of an active life.

Whether during sports, leisure time or at work: only those who can hear clearly can tap their full productivity, creativity and performance potential. Behind the training method of Hörfitness is an effective, science-based concept that sets new standards for healthy hearing. With targeted exercises you can train your hearing and have the chance to reactivate the links between your hearing cells. Set the foundation for more quality of life with Audiofitness!

„Because good hearing
is important to me: I rely on
Audiofitness every day.“

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The short Screening-Test to do inbetween ...

Click on the button opposite. You will be taken to a short online test with two central hearing functions. The result is associated with a recommendation as to whether further testing and training may be indicated for you. 

Why should everyone do Audiofitness?!

To maintain and strengthen the mental fitness (prof. Gehirnjogging)

To reduce the loss of comprehension ability to a minimum

To increase of the ability to concentrate

To increase of the auditory perception

To improve the reaction speed


Hörfitness  für Sie kurz erklärt

In diesem kurzen Video  erfahren Sie in gut 10 Minuten überzeugende Details und Hintergründe zu Ihrem neuen Hör- und Hirnleistungstraining
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How do I hear?

Hearing is a complex process involving both the perception and processing the acoustic signals. As we hear, the sound is initially captured by our external ear. There, the tones and sounds are captured by the auricle and transferred to the external auditory canal. They then cause the ear drum to vibrate. The ear drum is attached to the ossicles, which amplify these vibrations and transfer them to the cochlea in the inner ear.

Here, the vibrations become waves, which in turn stimulate the so-called hair cells in the snail. Each hair is responsible for transmitting a certain frequency. If a hair is stimulated by a pitch at a certain volume, this impulse is converted into electrical energy and passed on to the brain by the auditory nerve. There it is processed as sensory perceptiont.

Audiofitness means quality of life - every day!


Minimum time required:

Just 30 minutes per day during the first two weeks is enough to train your hearing optimally. After that, you can even reduce your training time to 30 minutes per day, one day a week.

Specialized training devices:

Of course, we will perform the first exercises together with you. In addition, we will provide you with training equipment specifically tailored to your requirements, with which you can follow your individual training plan. Our app serves as your personal trainer.

Time and place independent training:

With our App, developed specially for your hearing health, you always have your personal trainer on your smartphone at hand. So, you can train at any time and wherever it suits you best - whether at home, in the park or on vacation by the beach.

Qualified trainers:

Our competent audio trainers will answer all your questions about your exercises, check your progress and give you useful tips for your training.

„I care about my hearing health.“

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„I do fitness for my hearing from now on. How about you?“

What are you waiting for? Check out our solution for your new hearing and brain performance training:   

Our Solutions

Or get advice from one of our hearing fitness partners.Here you can find our national and international hearing fitness partners.


Do you have more questions?

The Audio Fitness Forum is designed for the users and anyone interested in Audiofitness.
Here you have the opportunity to discuss the Audiofitness-related topics, get to know other users or interested parties and get in touch with them.

In addition, you will find all questions and feedbacks regarding Audiofitness APP Here.