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In this channel you will find information about hearing fitness as an acoustician.
Tinnicur Productchannel
Information about the Tinnicur procedure. With this solution, you can acoustically recreate a perceived ear noise very accurately.Based on this acoustic "reconstruction", you can influence the ear noise and its occurrence form and intensity via specially filtered music.
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In this channel, we compile interesting contributions on the topic of brain research for you.External sources are also included.MediTECH assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, immorality or independence of the content. MediTECH also does not check copyrights or licenses for these external sources.
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Here you will find research results and publications on our most important topics.
Hörfitness basic training
What is behind Hörfitness?
How does Hörfitness work?
How can you use hörfitness effectively?

These and other questions will be answered in this online course.
We will give you a theoretical as well as a practical insight into the topic of hearing fitness.

The first part of this course deals with the theoretical background and the second part focuses on the practical work on the client.
Hörfitness Refresher
You have already attended our hearing fitness basic training and want to refresh your knowledge again.
Then this is the right online course for you.

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