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Hörfitness Grundschulung
Was steckt hinter Hörfitness?
Wie funktioniert Hörfitness?
Wie können Sie Hörfitness effektiv für Ihre Kunden nutzen?

Diese und noch weitere Fragen werden Ihnen in diesem Onlinekurs beantwortet.
Dazu geben wir Ihnen sowohl einen theoretischen als auch einen praktischen Einblick in die Hörfitness Thematik.

Der erste Teil dieses Kurs befasst sich mit dem theoretischen Hintergrund und der zweite Teil konzentriert sich auf die praktische Arbeit am Klienten.
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HEG-Neurofeedback Praxisnahes Neurofeedback-Training bei ADS / ADHS, Migräne, Depressionen und Hochleistungstraining
HEG neurofeedback
Practical neurofeedback training for ADS / ADHS, migraine, depression and high performance training

HEG neurofeedback is particularly suitable for the treatment of children and adults with attention deficit disorder and lack of impulse control, such as ADD / ADHD (attention deficit disorder with and without hyperactivity). In work and sport, this method can be used in diverse ways to increase mental performance or alleviate depressive moods, to promote concentration and creativity and to develop a trusting and positive basic mood in everyday life. But HEG neurofeedback can also open up an easy and low artefact approach for other issues where the prefrontal cortex is important. HEG neurofeedback is understood as a special form of neurofeedback. With this, neuronal self-regulation can be trained for the benefit of your clients by consciously controlling and influencing the blood flow and metabolism in the brain. The clients are conditioned according to the classical principles of biofeedback.
The decisive advantage of HEG compared to classical neurofeedback sensors is the fast, simple and movement-insensitive application and fixation of the
sensor. In contrast to EEG biofeedback, HEG biofeedback requires virtually no preparation or follow-up time; the application is free of EEG-typical interference and leads to fast conditioning processes that are comprehensible to the client. ADS clients thus learn to control their own attention and concentration in a more targeted way - here new hope is created for the fidgety.
In the course, you will develop analysis steps, on the basis of which - depending on the objective - concrete training plans will be developed and implemented for your client. Another content of the course is to show correlations between HEG training and changes in the EEG as well as in other physiological parameters such as skin conductance, temperature, etc. You will learn concrete action models for ADS. You will get to know concrete action models for ADD / ADHD, high performance training, migraine, depression and more.

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