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[ 8896 ] Audio Line-IN-Kabel für AUDIO4LAB (3,5mm-Klinkenstecker auf 4-poligen Binderspezialstecker)
60.00 € 60.00 € 60.0 EUR
Audio-Anschlusskabel für Line-IN-Zugang zum AUDIO4LAB. 3,5-mm-Klinkenstecker für Audio-Anschluss an CD-Spieler oder PC/Laptop, am anderen Ende 4-poliger Binderspezialstecker zum Anschluss an den AUDIO4LAB.
[ 7986 ] Microphone splitter (1-to-6 splitter, passive)
135.01 € 135.01 € 135.01 EUR
Passive microphone distributor that allows for combining up to six microphones (z.B. MT-DS-50 - MediTECH by AKG).
Scope of delivery: Mikrophone distributor, a 6,35-mm-sockets cable in MONO, manual
[ 9088-Set ] Audio-Trainer 3000 Multilingual, DE, PL, GB, FR
299.02 € 299.02 € 299.02 EUR
Audio fitness trainer that allows to train up to eight key brain functions such as auditory processing speed, spatial hearing, pitch discrimination and more. Additionally, background noise (white noise or murmuring) can be added for even more intense training.
The AT-3000 comes in a cloth jewel case and includes the English manual and a pair of headphones MT-HS-16.
[ MT-HS-16-IV ] MT-HS-16-IV Headphones
24.90 € 24.90 € 24.900000000000002 EUR
Special headphones for use with Brain-Boy and Audio-Trainer AT-3000
[ 8546 ] Styrofoam head
21.00 € 21.00 € 21.0 EUR
Training model for electrode placement.
[ 8621 ] Anschlusskabel für Brücken- u. Ohrelektroden 130 cm
23.30 € 23.30 € 23.3 EUR
Anschlußkabel für Brücken- u. Ohrelektroden 2mm isol.Stecker /DIN für EEG55/5600-130cm
[ 10098-Basis ] AUDECOM-Set mit 10" Tablet - Basisset
5,890.95 € 5,890.95 € 5890.95 EUR
AUDECOM - The intelligent hearing comparison: Equipped with an elegantly mounted 5-speaker surround system, the AUDECOM enables you to make a direct LIVE comparison between three pairs of hearing aids with high-quality and meaningful audio examples. Your client can switch back and forth between the hearing impressions of the three hearing systems transmitted to the headphones in a fraction of a second and see for himself the quality of higher-quality hearing systems. The system can currently be used in the following languages: German, English, French, Dutch
[ 2219 ] BASS 1.0 Screening - Schnelltest für zentrale Hörfunktion
1,189.17 € 1,189.17 € 1189.17 EUR
BASS - Screening Software for auditory brain functions: assesses processing speed, pitch discrimination and pattern recognition. The software allows for a fast and convincing screening analysis of key brain functions. It provides a written and graphical report in just a couple of clicks. An analysis function for auditory processing completed in just a few minutes.
[ 7961 ] Headphones MediTECH Typ MT-70 III
75.01 € 75.01 € 75.01 EUR
Open headphones solution MT-70-II MediTECH by AKG. Ideal for longer usage and impressive sound characteristics. Manufactured in accordance with the requirements for a medical device.
[ 10099-BASIS ] AUDECOM-Set ohne Tablet, Basisset
5,490.50 € 5,490.50 € 5490.5 EUR
AUDECOM offers a solution here, with which you can change the comparative hearing system fitting in a simple, objective way and thus make your work more effective and smoother.

This is what the AUDECOM system offers you:
Software that clearly and convincingly conveys the respective product benefits to your customers.
Examples from the everyday life of the customer.
Switching between the hearing situation with up to three hearing systems at the touch of a button.
Realistic hearing impression - the client hears in comparison how he will hear with his new hearing system in certain situations.
Switchable videos on the use and benefits of the hearing system.
Separate expert and client views:
The client view provides information about the hearing system - in a language appropriate for the client.
The expert view gives the acoustician additional information, for example on technical features, and shows expert tips from the manufacturer on how to use and advise the hearing systems at the touch of a button.
[ 7977 ] Headset MT-HS-801 (headphone-microphone combination)
225.02 € 225.02 € 225.02 EUR
Headset solution, high quality closed headphones with built-in microphone. Very robust and flexible solution. Ideal for use with lateral training or the WPST (Wedemark Phoneme Discrimination Test and Training).
[ WV-ZA-mL ] Zentralaudiometer Wartungsvereinbarung
252.02 € 252.02 € 252.02 EUR
Wartungs- und Servicevertrag inkl. Vorableihgerät im Schadensfall. Die umfassende Betreuung beinhaltet einen jährlichen Gesamt-Check Ihres Systems (nach Einsendung an MediTECH) einschließlich allen Zubehörs, auf Wunsch mit kostenfreiem Leihsystem während der Wartungszeit. Die Wartungsvereinbarung unterliegt einer jährlichen Progression von maximal +5%; sie gilt für 12 Monate und verlängert sich jeweils um weitere 12 Monate, wenn sie nicht bis sechs Wochen vor Ablauf gekündigt wird.
[ 9186-SET ] AUDIO4LAB-Tinnicur-Professional Set
2,980.23 € 2,980.23 € 2980.23 EUR
AUDIO4LAB Tinnicur system PROFI solution: Includes AUDIO4LAB system incl. MPG power supply [9111] with activation of the Tinnicur module, 2x MT-70 headphones, USB stick incl. USB connection cable for audio material, MP3 music files specially activated for Tinnicur treatment on SD card of the AUDIO4LAB, *** Instructions for use ***
[ 9969 ] Tablet 10" with installed BASS 1.0 screening software and headphones
1,588.15 € 1,588.15 € 1588.15 EUR
Tablet with fully installed and ready-to-use BASS-Software BASIC version. The software allows you to test up to 3 central auditory processing skills in quick succession.The software includes a fully automated, graphically enhanced reporting feature - just one click away...
[ 2020-USB ] BASS 2.0 - Analysis of central auditory functions via software solution
2,998.31 € 2,998.31 € 2998.31 EUR
BASS - Detailed analysis software for central hearing functions: Currently captures: (1) Time processing (2) Directional hearing (3) Frequency discrimination (4) Hemispheric coordination (5) Choice response time (6) Pattern recognition (7) Tone length discrimination. The software offers a fast and convincing test of central hearing functions and provides a differentiated written evaluation in report form with graphic support for all collected functions at the push of a button. A quick screening test is also possible in just a few minutes.
Includes USB input device (control unit) for exact time recording of responses. Includes a full software license of MediTOOLS for extensive further analysis and reporting options.
*** Additionally recommended: Headphones MT-70 or comparable closed receiver system ***
[ 7927 ] Headphones (closed) from VicFirth
141.01 € 141.01 € 141.01 EUR
Headphone system closed with 6.35 mm and 3.5 mm jack plug
Quality headphones from VicFirth, noise-repellent.
[ 9189 ] AUDIO4LAB License for Tinnicur Professional
2,595.20 € 2,595.20 € 2595.2000000000003 EUR
License for Tinnicur professional module within the AUDIO4LAB system including MP3-Stick and USB-connector cable.
*** Recommended: Additional headphones model MT-70 ***
*** Manual ***
[ 9187-SET ] AUDIO4LAB Tinnicur Client Set
1,490.20 € 1,490.20 € 1490.2 EUR
The AUDIO4LAB Tinnicur client set consists of the 10900 AUDIO4LAB- with Tinnicur home activation, Tinnicur instructions for home device, power supply 12 Volt - 1,5 A according to MPG with EU plug, stereo headphones MT-70, universal case small without connection socket.
[ WV-A4L-komplett ] Wartungsvertrag AUDIO4LAB Premium
345.03 € 345.03 € 345.03000000000003 EUR
Maintenance and service contract incl. pre-purchase device in the event of damage. The comprehensive support includes an annual overall check of your system (after sending it to MediTECH) including all accessories, if desired with a free rental system during the maintenance period. The maintenance agreement is subject to an annual progression of a maximum of +5%; it is valid for 12 months and is extended by a further 12 months if it is not cancelled six weeks before expiry.