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[ 2067 ] hörFit Poster - Intelligent Hearing Training, A1 (blue, German)
0.00 € 0.0 EUR
German hear-Fit poster "Your intelligent hearing training" with blue background in size A1 (59,4 x 84,1 cm)
[ 2310 ] Augenblicke für das Ohr (Wagner/Spillmann), (German)
55.37 € 55.37 € 55.370000000000005 EUR
In "Augenblicke für das Ohr - der Mensch und sein Gehör" (Moments for the Ear - Man and His Hearing), the authors use numerous examples to show the figurative idioms that the German language has developed over the course of time around hearing: We are "up to both ears in love" or "up to both ears in debt", we hear "the fleas cough" or "the grass grows".Detailed explanations of medical developments, the latest assistive devices and surgical techniques, the different positions regarding optimal language education - pro and contra sign language -, as well as well-founded position statements from the fields of psychological counseling, education and training make "Moments for the Ear - Man and His Hearing" an important work for professionals and interested lay people.
[ 7936-GB ] Gebrauchsanweisung - Bedienungshinweise AUDECOM (englisch)
11.58 € 11.58 € 11.58 EUR
Manual for the AUDECOM System
[ 7936-DE ] Gebrauchsanweisung - Bedienungshinweise AUDECOM (deutsch)
0.00 € 0.0 EUR
Kostenfrei, wenn mit Neukauf des dazugehörigen Produkts zu liefern. Ansonsten: 11,90 hinterlegen für 10 Euro tatsächlichen Rechnungsbetrag
[ 7945 ] Euronorm cable (left+right) for hearing aid connection
63.70 € 63.70 € 63.7 EUR
Euronorm cable (left+right) for hearing aid connection
[ 8322 ] Audio cable 3.5mm jack plug to 2 RCA plugs
12.34 € 12.34 € 12.34 EUR
Audio cable 3.5mm jack to 2 RCA st.
from CD Player Portable and Lateral Trainer
[ BASS2-Liz ] BASS 2.0 software license, premium version
3,897.40 € 3,897.40 € 3897.4 EUR
Software license (single user) for BASS 2.0 (computer or tablet).
[ 8874 ] EKG-Receiver für Polar T31C und WearLink-Set cod.
386.40 € 386.40 € 386.40000000000003 EUR
EKG-Empfänger zum Anschluss an ProComp-Systeme. Ermöglicht die Verbindung mit POLAR T31C und WearLink (separat zu beziehen).
[ AUDECOM Service ] AUDECOM service contract
464.10 € 464.10 € 464.1 EUR
Within the scope of this service agreement, the contractual partner shall receive the current program versions as an update
program versions as an update; exceptions to this are upgrades from the manufacturer for which a charge is made (additional new
software modules).
Telephone support for questions and assistance with installation are also included in the scope of services.
Updates include all current updates, enhancements and supplements to the software and the
hearing system manufacturer packages requested by VP, as well as any program errors that become known and are
program errors. The update for playability under WINDOWS 10 is also part of the services. They are
provided by MT for VP for download on the MediTECH homepage.
[ UPGR_BASS2 ] Upgrade BASS 1 to BASS 2.0 - Analysis of central hearing functions via software solution
1,547.00 € 1,547.00 € 1547.0 EUR
UPGRADE from BASS 1 to BASS2 (requires valid BASS1.0 license): Detailed analysis software for central hearing functions: Currently captures: (1) time processing (2) directional hearing (3) frequency discrimination (4) hemisphere coordination (5) choice response time (6) pattern recognition (7) tone length discrimination. The software offers a fast and convincing test of central hearing functions and provides a differentiated written evaluation in report form with graphic support for all surveyed functions at the push of a button. A quick test as a screening is also possible in a few minutes. USB control unit included. Includes a full license of MediTOOLS for differentiated evaluation and reporting options. *** Additionally recommended: Headphones MT-70 or comparable closed headphone system ***
[ 8317 ] Adapter plug stereo 6.35mm jack to 3.5mm plug
3.77 € 3.77 € 3.77 EUR
Adapter plug stereo
6.35mm jack to 3.5mm plug
[ 11003 ] AT-3000 maintenance agreement "All-round carefree"
197.34 € 197.34 € 197.34 EUR
Maintenance and service contract. The comprehensive support includes an annual total check of your system (after sending it to MediTECH) including all accessories (without rental equipment). The maintenance agreement is valid for 12 months and will be extended for another 12 months if not cancelled until six weeks before expiration.
[ 7939 ] AUDECOM-PC-Software, Backend
1,559.99 € 1,559.99 € 1559.99 EUR
You need a laptop or PC with the possibility of separate
control of a second monitor
[ 10903 ] AUDIO4LAB Activation Central Audiometer Professional
1,274.00 € 1,274.00 € 1274.0 EUR
Pure activation, requires correspondingly existing AUDIO4LAB device. Additionally required (to be ordered / supplied separately).
Includes eight low-level functions and the perceptual selectivity test.
[ 8338 ] Cinch adapter - 2x cinch coupling on both sides
6.38 € 6.38 € 6.38 EUR
RCA adapter - 2x RCA coupler on both sides for connecting audio components
[ 8325 ] RCA audio cable (RCA plug on both sides)
3.77 € 3.77 € 3.77 EUR
RCA audio cable (RCA plug on both sides) for connecting audio components
[ 8341 ] Adapter cable 2m 6,35mm to 3,5mm jack plug, Stereo
7.68 € 7.68 € 7.68 EUR
Adapter cable 2m 6,35mm to 3,5mm jack plug, Stereo
[ WV-A4L-kombi-oL ] AUDIO4LAB combination unit Maintenance contract without rental unit
393.13 € 393.13 € 393.13 EUR
[WV-AlphaT-oL] AlphaTrainer Professional maintenance agreement without loaner unit.
The comprehensive maintenance includes an annual overall check of your system (after sending it to MediTECH) including all accessories. The agreement is automatically renewed for another year if not cancelled in due time. The agreement is subject to a maximum annual progression of +5% and will be automatically extended for another 12 months if not cancelled in writing at least 6 weeks before expiration. The further exact scope of services results for you from the detailed service description.
[ MT-HS-16-V ] MT-HS-16-V Headphones
38.73 € 38.73 € 38.730000000000004 EUR
Special headphones for use with Brain-Boy and Audio-Trainer AT-3000
[ S226-DE ] Flyer BASS 2.0 "Detailed analysis of central hearing functions"
0.00 € 0.0 EUR
Flyer for BASS 2.0 Software for recording a total of seven central auditory functions as an important basis for reliable listening comprehension even in difficult everyday situations