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A separate store is available for customers from Switzerland

[ Miete-Tinnicur ] Tinnicur-Home AUDIO4LAB training device rental (monthly)
99.01 € 99.01 € 99.01 EUR
Rental fee Tinnicur rental system "AUDIO4LAB Home" for use with AUDIO4LAB Tinnicur system.
Includes AUDIO4LAB HOME device with power supply and instructions, MT-70 headphones, integrated MP3 player plus exercise material, small carrying case.
[ S113-DE-SET ] Hearing training diaries (50 pcs.)
31.93 € 31.93 € 31.93 EUR
50 diaries on hörFit hearing training for the trainee. 8-page high-quality colour print with explanations of the listening training, tables for training documentation, overview for recording personal experiences and impressions as well as explanations of the key functions for listening comprehension.
[ 8333 ] Ersatzohrpolster für MT-HS-16-II
2.90 € 2.90 € 2.9 EUR
Preis für ein Paar Ersatzohrpolster. Bitte beachten Sie, dass bei Bestellungen unterhalb von 10 Euro ein Mindermengenzuschlag von 10 Euro berechnet wird.
[ ATBA1-DE ] AUDIO4LAB-DE, Combination solution Lateral Trainer + Central Audiometer PRO
4,026.10 € 4,026.10 € 4026.1 EUR
Combination unit with lateral training and central audiometer modules and WTT-MP3 enabled. Accessories: power supply unit, external control unit. 2x headset, AUDIO cable set, USB cable type A to B, LCD special glasses, MediTOOLS full version, special case.
[ 8303 ] Ersatzohrpolster für MT-HS-16-III
2.90 € 2.90 € 2.9 EUR
1 Paar Ersatzpolster für Kopfhörer MT-HS-16 III. Bitte beachten Sie, dass bei Bestellungen kleiner 10 Euro ein Mindermengenzuschlag von 10 Euro berechnet wird.
[ 9019 ] Special case for AUDIO4LAB with integrated power socket
199.02 € 199.02 € 199.02 EUR
Special case for integration of AUDIO4LAB with accessories. Dimensions: 500x400x150mm.
Equipped with integrated cold appliance socket and attached multiple socket
[ 9090 ] hörFit-Etui zu AT-3000
35.00 € 35.00 € 35.0 EUR
Practical case for safe storage of the audio trainer AT - 3000
[ 2346-SET-DE ] BASS 1.0 Screening Software, 2 Lizenzen - mobil und stationär, mit 3x AT-3000 und Schulung
3,919.42 € 3,919.42 € 3919.42 EUR
- BASS software completely set up on a valuable 10-inch tablet
- 2nd BASS license for the stationary PC
- 2x stereo headphones closed
- 3x AudioTrainer AT-3000
- Online training 2h BASS/hearing training

The roomindependent solution for testing at the customer's place, in the waiting area, during visits to senior citizens' residences, ...
[ L1153 ] Wenn die Ohren müde werden: Selbstsicher und aktiv leben mit Hörschwäche - Gerhard M. Wissler
15.95 € 15.95 € 15.950000000000001 EUR
Convert hearing loss into positive life energy

Hearing loss makes you insecure. This book encourages those affected to see the alleged weakness as an opportunity for personal change, to implement it successfully and not to lose their sense of humor. It also shows how intuition can be sharpened when the hearing ability deteriorates, how all other senses can be perceived all the more consciously and how it can literally be lived more meaningfully.

Gerhard M. Wissler knows hearing loss from his own experience. His insightful and practical advice and coping strategies can be implemented immediately and are a benefit for everyone who wants to discover himself and his hearing in a new way. With many examples and tips for typical everyday situations, small self-tests, helpful information about the use of hearing aids as well as expert opinions from the fields of medicine and hearing aid acoustics.
[ 9059 ] Foam holder for BBU and AT-3000
15.00 € 15.00 € 15.0 EUR
Foam holder for BBU and AT-3000
140 x 166 x 50(31) mm - bevelled
[ 2060 ] Audio-Trainer 3000 - Poster, Format A2
0.00 € 0.0 EUR
Produktposter zum AT-3000
[ 7946 ] Induction coil cable for hearing aid connection
138.01 € 138.01 € 138.01 EUR
Induction coil cable in stereo, high-quality solution with jack plug. For use with the AT-3000 as well as with Brain-Boy and Lateral-Training
[ 2347-SET-DE ] BASS 1.0 Screening single license, with 3x AT-3000 and training
2,429.18 € 2,429.18 € 2429.18 EUR
This starter set for the hörFit hearing training procedure includes the BASS screening software on tablet incl. VicFirth headphones, 3 AT-3000 audio trainers for your clients and an introductory training session of 1 hour (usually online). For on-site training, travel costs and a higher minimum number of hours are added.
[ S174-DE ] Audio4LAB-Modul Zentral-Audiometer
0.00 € 0.0 EUR
Produktbeschreibung zum Zentral-Audiometer (Erfassung Zentraler Hörfunktionen) - kann in Mengen von 1 bis 100 Stück kostenfrei abgerufen werden.
[ 2065 ] hörFit-Poster "Intelligentes Hörtraining für Sie" - DIN A1
0.00 € 0.0 EUR
German hear-Fit poster "Intelligent hearing training for you" in size A1 (59,4 x 84,1 cm)
[ 2066 ] hörFit-Poster - DIN A0, "Intelligentes Hörtraining für Sie"
0.00 € 0.0 EUR
German hear-Fit poster "Intelligent hearing training for you" in size A1 (84,1 x 118,9 cm)
[ 2067 ] hörFit-Poster-Intelli.Hörtraining blauer Hinter A1
0.00 € 0.0 EUR
German hear-Fit poster "Your intelligent hearing training" with blue background in size A1 (59,4 x 84,1 cm)
[ 2310 ] Augenblicke für das Ohr (Wagner/Spillmann)
42.60 € 42.60 € 42.6 EUR
In "Augenblicke für das Ohr - der Mensch und sein Gehör" zeigen die Autoren an zahlreichen Beispielen, welche bildhaften Redewendungen die deutsche Sprache im Laufe der Zeit rund um das Hören entwickelt hat: Wir sind "bis über beide Ohren verliebt" oder "bis über beide Ohren verschuldet", wir hören "die Flöhe husten" oder "das Gras wachsen".Ausführliche Erläuterungen über medizinische Entwicklungen, modernste Hilfsgeräte und Operationstechniken, die verschiedenen Positionen in Bezug auf die optimale Spracherziehung - pro und contra Gebärdensprache -, sowie fundierte Stellungsnahmen aus den Bereichen psychologische Beratung, Aus- und Weiterbildung machen "Augenblicke für das Ohr - der Mensch und sein Gehör" zu einem wichtigen Werk für Fachleute und interessierte Laien.
[ 2542-SET ] MediBalance Pro, Sport Edition, multi lingual
4,175.53 € 4,175.53 € 4175.53 EUR
The MediBalance Pro Sport Edition improves balance, coordination, stabilization and concentration. Using a plurality of customizable training screens, the MediBalance Pro offers targeted options to promote unobtrusive and safe stance behavior. These include the control of variable sectors adjustable in size and distance. Optionally, a return to the center point can be specified between each controlled sector.
In addition to a differentiated analysis function for stance behavior, the platform offers a variety of scalable training options with feedback option. The conclusion of a maintenance agreement for full update security and software functionality is strongly recommended.